The way we work

Our main strengths are our ability to offer

* Long-term programs with reliable deliveries 12 months a year

* Safe products and certified production

* High quality combined with competitive and stable prices


Consumer awareness of environmental and health issues has increased demands for quality products. For example, non-genetically modified organism (non-GMO) products are demanded by most end consumers. All products supplied by us are non-GMO products. Pesticides are used at a minimum and in accordance with legislation. All our producers have strict documented policies and guidelines for factory, handling and personnel hygiene.

Product development & Innovation

Through our own experience, we believe that success can only be obtained by being at the forefront of innovation and product development. Just as we bring our global accessibility of products to the local markets, we conversely take local innovations to the larger global markets. This concept, together with extensive market knowledge and our rigorous Quality Assurance procedures combines all the parameters needed for a successful product launch and steady supply.

Our service brand Simply Superior